Welcome to Charity Begins, a non-profit organization that delivers necessities to developing countries via backpackers, tourists, and business travelers. 

Started in November 2006, Charity Begins delivers necessities including school supplies, shoes, children's clothing, books, and hygiene items to non-profits in the developing world. By making these deliveries through travelers the cost of shipping is eliminated and 100% of every dollar goes to helping people who are living in poverty.
Going into our 6th year, Charity Begins is grateful to all of the travelers who helped make more than 30 deliveries to 15 countries around the world. Th
ose deliveries translate to hundrends of smiling faces...kids with new clothes, schools with school books, students with something to write with, children with shoes, mother's with clothes for their babies. It's through our network of travelers that Charity Begins can reach all points of the globe.
But, it's just a start.

We need more travelers to help get the necessities into the hands of the most needy in developing countires. You can help us by spreading the word to your friends. Whether they are going on a honeymoon to Thailand, or a business trip to India, we would like to connect them with a charity at their destination. A bag of necessities can make a huge impact on the communities we serve.

How it Works
You tell us when you’re traveling to a developing country, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll research your destination, identify a local non-profit, collect the needed supplies, deliver them to your door (if you are located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New York) and arrange for you to meet the non-profit upon arrival so you can deliver the supplies. We’ll even give you a disposable piece of luggage you can leave behind. It’s that easy and it's FREE! Please check with your airline to see if there is an extra fee for checked baggage, or a second piece of luggage. Charity Begins does not pay the luggage fees for travelers.
*Even if we cannot deliver the necessities to your door we will gladly connect you with a non-profit from our data-base and give you a few pointers on how to easily collect the necessities from your local resources.

List of Developing Countries